Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Buy Best Felt Saddle Pads For Horses - Call at 805-528-8009

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If you're looking for the felt saddle pads sale call Best Ever saddle pads. We're the manufacturers no matter what the felt saddle pads.

3 reasons Best Ever saddle pads beats your competitors for saddle pads:

1. Awesome customer service. We handle every new order/client with care. Whether with design assistance, pad fitting, or shipping questions, we are available and happy to answer questions. To be sure you get the precise custom pad you want, you may also send us your proofs.

2. Extraordinary custom quality, on a bargain price, plus a prompt turnaround time. Our custom saddle pads give you a unique style your own, at the same price as the standard entire pad from another company. We can get you the unique custom pad in 1 to 3 weeks.

3. Quality matters. Our pads last ten years or even more! Don't worry when you loose a crystal or a decorative bead. We'll send you replacements, or send it back therefore we'll put them back on. Our objective is who'll provide you a top quality product that will last for a very long time! Best Ever pads has such an extremely high number of top of the range options we simply guarantee we have a saddle pad that may fit your horse's needs and give you as you want. Trail riders, barrel racers, and team ropers alike all use our pads with style and comfort. 

Every pad is 100% handcrafted in the USA produced to purchase, that is comprised of top grade 4.5 ounce wear leathers and spine reinforcement. These soft and durable saddle pads need little to no break in time. Our 100% Wool Felt saddle pads are excellent at absorbing moisture and wicking it for assist in heat reduction. Wool Felt saddle pads present probably the most compression protection. The denser the pad the less it's going to compress under pressure. The top quality breathable materials allow it to be used alone or generated a Navajo.

Our 1" Wool or Felt Pad is the foremost all around work and play pad for normal to high withered horses. Recommended for barrel racers, team ropers, trail riders, team penners, cutters, reiners, colt starters, and performance horses.

Best Ever Pads
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Los Osos, CA 93402

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