Wednesday, April 29, 2015

15 Rot2 Rd1 73 - Best Saddle Pads

Best Ever Pads are displayed just 10 miles west of enviable San Luis Obispo in Los Osos, California, a number of the serene communities situated on the Central Coast. The pristine location and enchanting aspects on this Central California town are both viewed as primary ingredients in addition to the success and creativity found in Best Ever Pads. Though the Central Coast just isn't exorbitantly commonly known for having strong rodeo roots, the Whites have been able to blend their diverse passions and attachment via an exquisite location along with their thriving rodeo-related business having reached rodeo athletes across America, understanding that is continuing to gain popularity among a very broad breadth of western enthusiasts.

Customization is maybe the most fun and unique feature our pads. Each handmade pad is fully customizable, with various choice to choose from. Commencing a wool foundation, you can find five different wool blends to select from, each speculated to serve a particular need. Next, top of the range 4.5 ounce wear leather is supplied in over 40 choices, to let pad a singular plan to set you in addition to the crowd. Intend to make your pad personal? No difficulty! Best Ever Pads take customization to a whole next step with stock designs, in addition to custom brand, initial, imaging and embroidery options. Finish your design off with friendly unique border options including buck-stitching, crystals, or metal spots.

Best Ever Pads
2445 Paradise Lane
Los Osos, CA 93402

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