Wednesday, April 29, 2015

15 ShortGo 1 - Horse Pads

Our pads are specifically created with your horse's relaxation and protection in mind. Keeping that in mind, each pad is formed into a two-piece contour design that permits for a snug fit, helping to drop pressure an discomfort beside horse's spine, along with helping to prevent over-cinching and saddle movement. In addition to, special wither cutouts during the withers adjust for better clearance and reduced spinal pressure. Pads can also be will come in numerous sizes to suit your personal needs, and therefore are created using only one of the best wool and leather products.

Best Ever Pads really are a proud American product, designed created by people who pride themselves of their work. We utilize our creative expertise so as to provide a genuine, unique product that's situated on the cutting edge. Designed with insight and made with care, ends in a high quality product. Learn more about Horse Pads.

Best Ever Pads
2445 Paradise Lane
Los Osos, CA 93402

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