Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Buy Saddle Blankets For Horses For Sale, call at 805-528-8009

Best Ever Pads creates custom saddle pads that are both viewed as durable and stylish. Our 1" Wool or Felt Pad is the perfect throughout work and play pad for normal to high withered horses. Recommended for barrel racers, team ropers, trail riders, team penners, cutters, reiners, colt starters, and performance horses.

Our 3/4" Wool or Felt Pad is useful for round back horses. Recommended for barrel racers, trailer riders, team penners, cutters, and Reiners.

3 things Best ever pads does more than the function:

1. Awesome customer service. We handle each new order/client with care. From design serve to pad fitting we are available to reply your questions, or send you proofs to ensure you are promoting exactly the thing you need/need.

2. Amazing custom quality, and get a reduced price, along with a speedy turnaround time. Our custom pads give you a singular style your personal, selling for about the same price as the standard entire pad from another company. We you can aquire you find out the unique custom pad in 1 to 2 weeks.

3. Quality counts. We've had pads endure for 10+ years! Lose a crystal? We'll send you replacements, or send it back therefore we'll place them out of every view back on. Our goal is who can proffer you a quality product that lasts you for many years! With numerous pad options together with our awesome customer support we verify a pad that can suit your horse(s) playing with your riding style. From barrel racer to team roper, to trail rider we have gotten a high quality pad to fit your needs.

Buy Saddle Blankets For Horses For Sale, call at 805-528-8009 

Best Ever Pads
2445 Paradise Lane
Los Osos, CA 93402

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